Friday, September 29, 2006

Taxpayers send Bernier's Dad to Summit

Apparently it's Father-Son day at the Francophonie Summit? Or maybe Bring your Parent's to the Office day, it's not really clear.

What is clear is that the Montreal Gazette is reporting that Maxime Bernier's father, Mulroney-era cabinet Minister Gilles Bernier is attending the sommet courtesy of your taxes and mine.

Papa Bernier's qualifications? He's Chairman of the Board of the FORUM FRANCOPHONE DES AFFAIRES. It's a reputable organisation which does some excellent business development work. He certainly should be at the Francophone Summit as are several members of the board of the FFA

But why at taxpayer's expense?

According to the Gazette:

Ghislain Maltais, chairman of the Forum's board and himself a key organizer for Conservative Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon in the last election, said Bernier was invited to be part of the delegation by Prime Minister Stephen arper's office. Consequently, the government took Bernier along on the prime minister's plane and is paying Bernier's expenses _something the cash-strapped group could not have done, said Maltais....

....Among the other Forum board members attending is Denis Robichaud, vice-president of the group and an organizer for Maxime Bernier in the last election.

Hang on is this a riding association meeting, a family reunion or an international summit?

But don't worry, everyone else at the FFA are paying their own way, it is a 'cash-strapped' organisation.

I guess they didn't get an invite from Stephen Harper.

Good to see my tax dollars hard at work.


Mark said...

This is a complete violation of TB guidelines.

HearHere said...

Maybe he should have gone as a "chauffeur". That would be more in keeping with Liberal values.

FFA said...


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