Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ralph off the wagon, again...

Instead wandering through another homeless shelter three-sheets-to-the-wind, I see the soon-to-be former Premier of my homeland managed to fire-0ff yet another bonehead comment on his painfully long way out the door.

At a "roast" last night, Little Lord Ralph opened his yap to slag Belinda. Not about any specific policy issue, political stance, or substantive disagreement, but about the fact that she jilted both the Conservative party and her then boyfriend, Foreign Minister, Peter McKay.

This is the same Ralph who was so upset about untoward comments directed at his wife, earlier this year.

Get over it.

Over the years, I dumped girlfriends and got dumped.

We all did.

It really doesn't keep me up at night.

Move on and grow up....

....Your kids are watching this.


EX-NDIP said...

Was Ralph's wife at a Roast?
You must be a simpleton . . . I thought the comment "at the Roast" was priceless!!!!

canuckistanian said...

was belinda at the roast? no, you simpleton. i thought the comment was funny, but it wasn't a roast of belinda. it was innapropriate in such a venue, particularly as she's been under attack for a month now. oh well, give the old drunken gambling addict one last chance to make a fool of himself b4 he finally steps down.