Friday, October 13, 2006


"Basically, there is no Clean Air Act. There are some amendments to CEPA, but it doesn't provide any new power of authority to the federal government," Hazell said.

Enviro groups obtained a copy of the proposed Hot Air Act in August, but sat on it hoping the government might improve it. Today, they lost patience, and leaked it to the media.

The results will impress no one.

"We'll be tabling the Clean Air Act next week, and we think it's prudent for everyone to wait when the act is tabled and review it then," Shannon Haggerty, of Ambrose's office, told

Which is code for: "Uh, darn, they've got the real bill..."

One of the clear signs of a government in trouble is when the civil servants start leaking key documents... stay tuned, more to come....

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Height Impaired said...

I can really feel for all the civil servants in Ottawa.... its probably very painful for them to see their hard work destroyed and replaced with ineffective garbage. The conservatives though really arent working to make any friends while they are in power, first they piss off the press to the point where they have walked out them in mid conference, they anger community and non profit groups my cutting they're funding, and now it seems we are now seeing that Canadas civil servants arent enjoying their new boss either. Sad thing is , despite all the negative press against the conservatives there really hasnt been very much public anger toward the conservatives.