Thursday, October 12, 2006

On being anti-Isreali

This is consistent with the anti-Israeli position that has been taken by virtually all of the candidates for the Liberal leadership.

Stephen Harper, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Putting aside wisdom of Iggy Pop-Tartief's latest gaffe, there are a lot of things about this statement that should concern people.

First, it's simply not true. Ignatieff's statement on Tout le monde en parle was a strong criticism of Israel, certainly the strongest to date. He did not, and has not, ever questioned the existence of the state of Israel.

Ignatieff, rightly or wrongly, criticized Israel's conduct in the invasion of another soveriegn state. And to criticize a country is not to question its existence, it is to oppose an action or a policy.

Suggesting Ignatieff is anti-Isreal is as silly as suggesting Stephen Harper is anti-American because he feels that the US should come clean on Maher Arar or because he opposes softwood duties.

It is as stupid as suggesting that Stephen Harper is anti-Lebanese for supporting Israel's invasion of Lebanon.

And it smacks of another conservative smear-monger, Joe McCarthy, who used the same ultra-nationalist technique to attempt to silence his opponents.

Moreover, Ignatieff's comments are not in-line with other leadership candidates who have all clearly supported Israel's position in the invasion of Lebanon, while calling for restraint.

And once again, Harper's statement shows he is willing to use the war in Lebanon for his own political advantage. At every opportunity, he has used the war to divide Canadians in a pathetic search for that elusive bump at the ballot box.

That meaness is truly disturbing - it takes a special kind of heartless, callous politics to use the loss of life in two countries caught between the latest Islamofascist gang for a little boost in the polls.

But that is Stephen Harper.


Skeena Liberal said...

Canadian Publius
Great this moment I am schocked dismayed and completely pissed at harper's comments about the liberal party and our position on the middle east.

HearHere said...

So during numerous elections when the Liberals attacked ALL Conservatives as anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-environment, anti-intelligence, anti-Canadian even to the point of asking Harper "Do you love Canada" where oh where was the outrage that the Liberals were taking the views of a few and broad brushing the whole party.
NOW the Liberals are Outraged??? The daily attacks on Harper by Liberals about his pro-Israel stance this summer were viscious and unstopping. Do you think he forgets so soon. Do you think we forget so soon.

Cherniak_WTF said...

hearhere, you mean that there are some Cons that are not anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-environment, anti-intelligence, anti-Canadian?
I can't wait to see the proof...

Skip said...

You will notice that Bob Rae came right out and attacked Harper for stating things which were: a) untrue; and b) divisive within Canadian society.

As for the rest of the candidates? Ignatieff was still removing his foot from his mouth, and others were nowhere to be found...

Altavistagoogle said...

What really bugs me is Bob Rae pointing out he is maried to a Jew in defence of not being anti-Israel.

What does that have anything to do with?

Canada is nutral about Israel because we simply don't agree. In that sence both Ignatieff and Harper made mistakes. They each angered a few hundred thousand Canadians when the fact is, what happens over in that small country is of litle strategic importance to Canada. It is simply a human interest story.

Just because it involves white people shouldn't make it more important than it is.

A Canadian Publius said...


This some truth to what you say.

Conservatives have been attacked for being anti-gay, and anti-abortion because, well, they are.

Indeed, the coalition of social onservative groups such as Focus on the Family who support your colleagues would be surprised, and I would suggest outraged, to find out that the Tories were not. You are only as good as the company you keep. I am surprised that 'forget so soon'

But the main part here is the disturbing ease with which your leader is willing to use the deaths of thousands during a war for his own political agenda at home.

That, unfortunately, says more about his own character than anyone else's

wilson61 said...

Canada is neutral about Isreal? Maybe, maybe not.
Liberals are divided over Isreal? Absolutely.

What is the ''Liberal'' (each candiates) position on Isreal? Abortion? SSM? etc...

Is PMSH forcing Libs to jump off that fence?

Crabgrass said...

Cherniak_wtf - You beat me to it!