Friday, March 31, 2006

Bright Tory idea #457: Let's jail the press corp

No joke.

Tory Colin Mayes thinks it might be a good idea.

In a column mailed to constituents this week, the conservative MP suggested, "Maybe it is time that we hauled off in handcuffs reporters that fabricate stories, or twist information and even falsely accuse citizens.”

I guess liable laws aren't enough. I'm not sure which stories were fabricated or twisted, but hey, a conservative would know more about that than me.

As all government communications are required to be vetted, there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Mayes cleared this through PMO communications.

But I've got a better idea.

Let's try out the "time for slime law" on MP's first and slide it in under the Accountability Act.

So if an MP suggested the government was involved in a billion dollar boondoggle for instance, and say it turned out that it was really less than 100k that went missing, then the MP would go to jail?

Is that "falsely accusing" enough?

Or maybe an MP promises that all senators will be elected, and then appoints his leadership campaign chair to the Senate, maybe that MP could do some time in the Pokey?

Is that "twisting" enough?

Or perhaps an MP who says he has a constitutional right to something which can't be found in the constitution should be driven downtown via the scenic route? Perhaps led away in chains and an orange jumpsuit?

Is that "fabricating" enough?

Or maybe an MP promises to scrap an entire government program, but then says no, it will stay in place. Maybe that MP should spend a few years on the chain-gang?

Again, is that "fabricating" enough?

Or maybe an MP thinks cutting the GST is a stupid idea, but then becomes (hypothetically) the Finance minister and sets about doing just that? Perhaps they should have their gang tatts photographed and spend a night in the county lock-up?

Is that "twisting" enough?

William Stairs, you are the luckiest Tory of them all....


EX-NDIP said...

Can you imagine . . . most of the CBC, the Red Star of TO and most University rags . . . all breakin rocks . . . too funny . . . lol

Dr. Dawg said...

He's been muzzled:


For Immediate Release March 31, 2006


I wish to retract without reservation the comments I made in a release sent out earlier this week. I would like to make it very clear that I fully respect the freedom of the press. I regret my choice of words and the message that they conveyed. As I pointed out in the article, journalists and the media play a vital role in keeping elected representatives accountable. I look forward to building constructive working relationships with my local media. I sincerely apologize for any disrespect or ill feelings that my comments may have caused.

Mark said...

"I look forward to building constructive working relationships with my local media."

I think that's a lie on his part.

I also think his sincerity is feigned.

The man should be jailed accordingly.

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