Monday, June 15, 2009

An alternative to a summer election

The Liberals should go now. Why?

Because they have no other choice.

And here is why:

1. The NDP /BQ will lose seats to the Libs if an election were called today.

2. The NDP/BQ will continue to deal with issues of an election like your neighbours teenagers deal with their parent's getaway to the Barbados every year...

3. If Harper holds on this week, Parliament will rise in June and return in September.

In September, the government will schedule the fall session's opposition days, don't be too surprised if they are all coincidentally in December. As a result, its becomes quite difficult to topple the government until Christmas. And if the Libs do force a Christmas election, we could well be on husting during the Olympics. And if not Christmas and the Olympics, then during G8.... and if not then... well, the snow is melting and we are into the summer of 2010.

The alternative?

Vote with the government on the confidence motion, and demand an opposition day at the end of every month next fall.

Otherwise, I think we can safely let Minister Prentice start to measure the drapes at 24 Sussex and book his move for next summer.


Mark said...

Why have an election at all?

Defeat the Tories on Friday and get sworn in on Monday. All Harper's arguments to the GG in favour of prorogation six months ago still stand. This House needs a chance to function...

zerolandfill said...

Mark's right, and it's basic high school civics, for chrissake!

When a government is defeated on a non-confidence motion, the leader of the next largest party in Parliament goes to the GG and asks to form a new govt...or a coalition. Harper is quickly, quietly and constitutionally removed from power, all without the bother of yet another election.

Do our Glorious National Leaders not know this? Or is the macho pissing contest of Partisan Politics just too strong to resist?
Yeah, my bet's on the latter.

But hey, we can't have Parliament fulfilling its original purpose of regional representation. That just gets in the way of Party politics!

And Canada's 308 Most Useless Eaters wonder why we don't even bother to vote anymore? Sad.